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I’m not usually someone who makes any new years resolutions, but I fancied a change and going for one walk a week seemed pretty reasonable, it also would be good to get out more to blow the cobwebs away.


Me and my boyfriend decided to go for a walk the other week, we failed miserably at our first attempt as we forgot to bring our wellies which was really stupid of us, as it had been raining constantly for days, however, plan b was a success! We went home to get our wellies and decided to go for a walk around Twyford, we’re so lucky we live somewhere surrounded by countryside, and I definitely want to make the most of this. Unfortunately we couldn’t walk across any of the fields as it was way too muddy and my feet kept getting stuck! We ended up walking along some lovely narrow country roads which took us between the fields. It was so nice to get out and explore the area more.


We were tempted to go to the pub for a drink but decided against it because the field was like a swamp.
I wish I had taken more photos to show you, I’ll do better next time :)

Overall my first walk of the year turned out to be really nice, and I’m really looking forward to having some more little adventures around Twyford.

So far I have kept to my weekly walk but who knows how long that’ll last haha

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