25 Facts About Me

1. I absolutely love Harry Potter, I’m constantly rereading the books and I’ve been to Warner Bros. Studio tour London – The making of Harry Potter three times! I’d still happily go again haha! I haven’t been there since they’ve made platform 93/4.
2. When I was younger I used to do competitive gymnastics and I loved it!
3. I currently live in a shared house with my boyfriend and two other guys.
4. I still play original playstation games.
5. I love going to gigs and festivals. I went to Download last year and it was amazingg!! I have three gigs to go to in the next couple of months 😀
6. I have an ITEC Level 3 qualification in Swedish massage – Full body massage and Anatomy and Physiology.
7. I can be shy when you first meet me.
8. I live in skater dresses.
9. I have a cat called Ziki.
10. I played the drums when I was in secondary school and would love to start playing again.
11. I’m partially sighted.
12. I love animals.
13. I’m addicted to diet coke, I just love the stuff!
14. My hair is naturally curly.
15. I became an auntie last year!!
16. I’m that person who loves rollercoasters.
17. I love elephants! One day I hope to meet one :)
18. Cooper is the best dog in the world! He’s my family dog and he’s a gordon setter.
19. I have two sisters and one brother.
20. I’m someone who’s very good at procrastinating.
21. When I was at secondary school I used to do a lot of dancing.
22. My family used to have dominos every Saturday without fail, since then I probably still have it nearly every week :) I can’t break the tradition haha!
23. Cornwall is such a beautiful place to go and I love it there.
24. I spend way too much time on my iPad and take it everywhere with me.
25. My favourite kind of weather is winter sun.

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