Looking back on 2015


I wasn’t going to blog about my 2015, but looking back I had a pretty good year and a few awesome things happened. Also I think it’ll be a lovely post to look back on and I love reading other peoples.

imageIn 2015 I started off feeling a lot happier than I had in a while, probably due to
the fact that I met the most amazing guy in October 2014 (sounds soppy but it’s true!) we met on an online dating website, so it really does work! Haha




We wanted to go and see Royal Blood, and noticed they where playing in Dublin so we decided to go! I was extremely excited because I had never been to Ireland before and couldn’t wait to explore the place.
We travelled to Ireland the day before the gig which was the 8th of march, the journey was fine apart from the dodgy aeroplane landing. As we got to our hotel by midday, we decided to go straight out and went to the Old Jameson distillery and then the Guinness Factory, we preferred the Jameson tour because we were taken round by someone, and it was a lot more enjoyable than the guinness tour.image
The next day we went to Dublin Zoo which was lovely, we then went to a fantastic restaurant called the Elephant and Castle, I would highly recommend this place to anyone who finds themselves in Dublin. That evening we went to see Royal Blood at the Olympia Theatre, I loved how small the venue was. Royal Blood did an amazing set and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing! 😀
I loved our little trip to Dublin so much! One day I hope to explore another part of Ireland.


I have been going to festivals for years now but I had never been to Download before, it’s not that I’ve never wanted to go it’s just that I’ve  never had anyone to go with.
To be honest the whole weekend was a bit of a blur due to drinking too much cider, but I can definitely say that I had the best time ever! I saw so many good bands and even though the weather wasn’t on our side it didn’t dampen our spirits. It’s hard to say who my favourite band was, but if I had to say one it would probably be SlipKnot.


This was the only picture that we took of ourselves, this just shows how drunk we were haha!


I just had to mention my sisters wedding because it was such a lovely day, and everyone enjoyed themselves so much. Here’s some pictures.


This was taken just before we were about to leave to go to the church. The bride and bridesmaids :)


This picture captured the moment when Hannah (my sister) and Sam first saw each other. Hannah looks so beautiful and happy.


This picture is amazing! It’s my little brother playing guiter in the church whilst Hannah and Sam signed the register.


They both look so happy and I can honesstly say I’m really pleased to have such a nice brother in law.

Chris and I outside the church.

image image

The reception was in a barn at Loseley Park, it was decorated beautifully with gorgeous flowers and fairy lights.


I love this photo.


I wasn’t originally going to go to Reading, but as soon as I found out Alesisonfire were going to be there, I just had to get a day ticket. Reading is only a 10 minute train journey away from where I live which is awesome. I had a really good day with friends and watching bands. Alexisonfire was awesome of course!




I became an auntie last year in September! It’s such a lovely feeling when you find out you’re an auntie.


imageimageHis name is Rory and he’s adorable.

These were just a few of the bigger things that had happened last year, if I wrote about everything this would’ve been the longest blog ever haha!
I had a great 2015 and I can’t wait to see what 2016 will bring.

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