I wrote this blog intending to post it in January/Febuary time, however, I must’ve forgotten about it so I thought why not just post it now!image

I’ve been itching to write another post for a couple of days now, and as I’m not up to much this month (because I’m skint from Christmas, aren’t we all?) I thought why not introduce you to my cat Ziki!!


I’ve grown up in a family who over the years have owned five cats, so I’m very used to being around them.
I’ll rewind right back to the beginning and tell you how we came about getting Ziki.
I live in a shared house with my boyfriend and two guys, and we’d spoken about getting a cat. A few days later Chris (my boyfriend) came back from work saying someone he works with was giving away a cat so they could buy a kitten for their daughter, apparently Ziki turned up at their house really skinny so they started feeding him.
We decided to get him and it was one of the best things we’ve ever done!image

Ziki is shy and can be very jumpy at times, but once he got to know us he became a lot more relaxed.
Here’s a few random facts…He only likes eating felix, he loves playing with his toys, he likes to greet you when you come home (which I love), he loves sunbathing, he loves sleeping on my soft throw, when he’s In a playful mood he’ll run round the house lke a looney and he can only whisper meow which is rather strange for being such a big cat.image
I constantly wonder what he had to go through before we owned him, why did he become homeless? was he treated badly? is that why he jumps so much? Some days I wish I could talk to Ziki and ask what happened… I know it’s silly but I do. He’s such a lovely cat and I can’t believe no one wanted him.image
I’m so glad he has a permanent home now, and I feel like we’ve done a little good in this cruel world we live in.image

While I’m writing this Ziki is fast asleep on my bed, curled up on my soft throw.


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